LightStar Pendant Range

Unrivalled in light quality, distribution and performance

LightStar utilises waveguide technology, which shines the light sideways from the LED into a solid, cast acrylic rod and then reflects the light outwards into the area to be lit. It is also incredibly versatile – allowing the client to select from a range of wattages (30 to 48w) to deliver between 86 to 96 lumens per circuit watt and providing a total lumen output of between 3437 and 4625. The lumen output is determined by the drive current whilst beam angles are determined by the reflector width and angle. The beam angles are very precise and can be varied to suit every application. The drive currents are extremely benign – generating very little heat at the LED/PCB junction – achieving very high ecacies and LED extended lifetimes. The product’s very wide beam angles delivering high uniformity for ultra-low glare make the LightStar a ‘best in class’ proposition for low and mid-bay applications. LDT les are available in standard drive currents, plus reflector specications and bespoke solutions can be supplied on request.