International Laboratories

Reduces lighting energy consumption by 73% thanks to Waveguide Cleanroom lighting products

Local Council Facilities

Wigan Council cuts energy bills and improves light levels at one of its busiest car parks.

Data Centres

The worlds leading data centres use Waveguide lighting


International airports worldwide are saving thousands by switching to Waveguide

Leisure Centres

Councils across the UK are standardising on Waveguide Lighting

Street Lighting

Illuminating the nations streets and roadways

Storage, Distribution and Manufacturing

Class leading light distribution and efficiency

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Waveguide technology

Our revolutionary Waveguide lighting technology is unique. We shine the light sideways into a solid, cast acrylic rod – This simple approach delivers significant benefits with extremely effective lumen output, efficacy, improved light distribution and low glare. Running the LED at extremely low drive currents also generates very little heat at the LED/PCB junction, providing high lumen outputs and extended lifetimes.

The reflector technology in our lighting system is as vital as the LED itself. The varying reflector widths and angles allow directions to be incremented in as little as 6° steps. The light in the rod is internally refracted until being directed at precise beam angles by the reflector, achieving the highest levels of uniformity with ultra-low glare.


Lumens per Watt




Less light fittings needed

Real Projects

Real Results

“We are delighted with the Waveguide products and the service we have received. The quality of the lighting is exceptional and has benefited the whole operation. We are especially pleased with the CCTV images we are now getting. We have no hesitation recommending Waveguide Lighting to all who wish to achieve such results.”

Jason Bradley Operations Manager
Jason Bradley Operations ManagerAKW Logistics

We are delighted with WaveGuide’s lighting scheme and the wealth of benefits that MHA’s Lighting’s new fittings have delivered for our data centre client. At CBRE Norland Managed Services we pride ourselves on providing a full suite of facilities, energy and project management services. Norland’s strategy to deliver exceptional service to our customers is hugely dependent on the capability and delivery of our supply partners. WaveGuide Lighting Technologies and MHA Lighting Ltd share our passion for quality and service, which are essential values when meeting the demands of a business-critical 24 hour/day data centre operation.

Darren Rennie
Darren RennieCBRE Norland Managed Services

“Waveguide Lighting delivered a reduction in our energy costs of 78% and the installation looks outstanding. The lighting really is great and I am really pleased with the whole job from start to finish.”

Peter Turner
Peter Turnerdirector of Lakeland Bake

“Often no-one manufacturers the luminaire we want. We’re always finding that there are areas that don’t seem to be covered by the main manufacturers. For example, when we did our car parks we struggled to find a true retrofit replacement for a Low Bay application and we struggled with the flexibility of some of the major manufacturers. As a result we ended up working with local manufacturer Waveguide Lighting as they offered us a bespoke solution. For those niche areas where we struggled, we’ve been quite lucky in that we can now work closely with Waveguide Lighting. They have become an invaluable design outfit that can fill all the important gaps for us.”

Andy Sheridan
Andy SheridanServices Facilities Manager at Manchester Airport


Ruthlessly Efficient

Our luminaires typically use  70-80% less energy than traditional fittings to not only generate significant energy savings but improve the light quality for customers.

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