Waveguide technology

Waveguide Lighting takes all the benefits of LED technology and combines it with an acrylic rod design (ELR) that produces light that gives increased colour rendering, consistent coverage, eliminates glare and gloom and has a quality that has immediately visible benefits over traditional lighting and conventional LED fixtures.

The concept resembles a traditional fluorescent fitting except there is no ballast, consumes a fraction of the energy and can be configured to put light precisely where needed with unmatched uniformity. Emitted light can be precisely cut to eliminate wastage or so as not to cause discomfort for surrounding areas.

The benefits are numerous, from reducing fatigue in an office, to giving colour clarity in the medical or precision engineering sectors, to making the public feel safer in streets and car parks at night.

This technology takes both internal and external lighting to the next level, is unique and protected by patent.


Lumens per Watt




Less light fittings needed


Ruthlessly Efficient

Our luminaires typically use  70-80% less energy than traditional fittings to not only generate significant energy savings but improve the light quality for customers.

Hazardous Area Lighting Solutions

Our sister company Lumenox is a specialist manufacturer of lighting for use in harsh or hazardous environments such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining and Petrochemical. Products are designed and manufactured in the UK and certified to ATEX and IECEx standards for global acceptance.

The Lumenox team has over 50 years’ experience in explosion protection markets and hence are able to assist with product selection, lighting design and if required, bespoke products to give our customers the best solution to their applications.

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