StarShot Range

The size of Waveguide Lighting’s Starshot luminaire belies just how powerful its light engine is.

The Starshot provides the same light quality, power and efficiency as the StarBlaze but is beautifully engineered into a compact 400x400mm enclosure. Being smaller in size it is incredibly versatile – providing the perfect solution for external application such as canopy lighting, flood lighting, perimeters and walkways. It is best suited to heights of between four and 20 meters and can be supplied in a variety of wattages to meet the precise light levels and uniformity you require. The Starshot uses Total Internal Reflection, TIR, to transmit and direct the light – putting it exactly where you want it. The powerful CoB LED modules are located at each end of the solid, optical grade, acrylic tubes. This has the advantage that the LEDs are hidden from direct view, thus reducing glare. The light then travels down the tubes by total internal reflection which is an extremely efficient method of transmitting light. The light is “extracted” by strips of high reflectance white paint silkscreened onto the rear of the tubes. The width and shape of the extractors determines the angle of the beam so the light can be put directly to where it is needed. The range is EU Energy rated A and achieves LG standard LUX levels.